Dancing In Bloody Leather

from by Zelophilia

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This song is dedicated to the band Daughters.


He buries his face in her bony, plastic hips.
His tongue encased in bloody leather lips.
He never ever really fully truly understood
Why something bad always feels so goddamn good.
His putrid body shakes, twists, and curls
At the thought of those joyless, pretty girls.
Flesh to ash, he spends all his cash.
Life fades away so fast.

Love 'em & leave 'em &
Hump 'em & dump 'em &
Use 'em & lose 'em &...
I yearn to feel young.
Bloody leather lips.

Getting aroused from the strangest things,
I yearn for the joy only an orgasm can bring.
But I can never ever fully understand
How does a boy ever become a man?
Simple. It's simple. It's all in the dimples.
They move from cheek to chin as your hair slowly thins.
As all the life gets drained from your eyes,
You try to get it back by getting stuck between her thighs.

Love 'em & leave 'em &
Hump 'em & dump 'em &
Use 'em & lose 'em &...
I yearn to feel young.

Nothing & everything...
The god of all shame.
Bloody leather lips.

My fevered loins are oozing with guilt.
Self-loathing is an ever suffocating womb.

Why...why are you still alive?
You squandered all the gifts we gave you on tainted flesh.
Like affectionate cancer, she loves you to death.
She hopes you disintegrate into dust.

(We hope she was worth it)

How could anyone ever love such a sniveling little child?
A squirming body of snot and bile.
So conceited; self-absorbed.
Crying when you are ignored.
All the things you reminisce
Haunt you like the smell of piss
We never thought you would turn out like this

Hi. Goodbye. Say farewell to
Bitter, bloody leather.


from Lust, Loathing, & Love, track released December 10, 2011
Samples were downloaded from SoundBible.com.

The phrase "fevered loins" was borrowed from the 2003 film, "the Singing Detective" starring Robert Downing Jr.



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Zelophilia Ukiah, California

Zelophilia is an affiliate of Noydian Records.
The so called "band" is from Ukiah, CA in the United States.

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